5 Greatest Secrets when selecting your IT Support Company.

Secret # 1: Select the Support plan that is right for your specific needs Selecting the wrong support plan is like selecting inadequate insurance. You will be paying and paying only to pay a lot more when you really need it. Making sure you have the adequate support program will give you peace of mind and a big smile of satisfaction when “catastrophe” comes by.

Secret # 2: Have the IT Support Company be responsible for all IT issues at your company If you feel the need to have your non-IT employees do IT work in order to save on the IT expenses that means you have the wrong IT Support Plan, and you will end up paying more for less. Besides the obvious (you have an employee that is not busy enough in his regular work to the point that he/she can undertake IT tasks), you will always end up paying more because by using a non-IT person to perform an IT task you have given the IT Support company a “carte blanche” to blame anything on that person.

Secret # 3: Obtain a detailed scope of the services provided Before you enter into any contract, especially an IT Support contract, you should know exactly what services are included. Failure to do so will give ulcers when you receive “surprise” invoices at the end of the month.

Secret # 4: Obtain a service level agreement (SLA) A Service Level Agreement allows you to know exactly how your trouble calls will be handled, including the estimated time in which each call will be handled. Failure to obtain an SLA will result in frustration and possible loss of money due to down time and unresolved issues.

Secret # 5: Obtain a detailed list of prices The IT Support Company should provide you with a detailed list of costs (hours, after hours, special projects, maintenance schedules, etc). Having this information will help you keep a tight rein on your expenses.